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Stress Free Guide for Writing Instagram CapShans That Convert

Writing your Instagram capshan is no fun when you're not seeing results. Grab the stress-free guide and let me walk you through the MOST important parts of a successful capshan.

Learn how to craft better headlines and steal 15 headline templates for when you're stuck in a rut.

Master your call to action with tips and tricks for conversions.

Figure out the best way to create a sense of urgency to make your audience act faster!

If you're not a fan of writing your capshan, or haven't seen much success with converting -- this is the guide for you!

Customer Reviews

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Kyndra Tate
It’s amazing

Shan did an amazing job at breaking down writing captions. It’s helped my own writing as well as the writing I do for clients!


Stress Free Guide for Writing Instagram CapShans That Convert

Joneitra Jones

Makes it very easy to write captions something to always have as a guide.

T. Moore
I have about 100 pre-wrote captions now!

I opened this book and as I read through it I had my google docs opened so that I can write my own captions while I read through it. This book is magnificently thorough. It's easy to understand and keeps my interest. I will most likely keep referring back to this book. I can't mention enough how valuable this book is to me because I'm the one that would always struggle with what to say and I believe it's going to help me to connect to my connect audience even better.

Jontelle Reeder
Capshans that convert

I love the way this guide is broken down step by step and I can tell the difference immediately on my post now and I’m now more excited to post my content now that I know what my audience wants.

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