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Words That Make Them Feel

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Finally! You don’t need a copywriter to write your products.

I created Words That Make Them Feel because, as a copywriter, I know the importance of using the right words to sell your products.

 At the end of the day,if you can’t make your ideal customer feel, you won’t get them to buy.

Inside this interactive workbook, I:

  • Listover 300+ power words to use that will make your audience feel
  • Help you understand thepurpose of your product
  • Help you identify the features and benefits of your product
  • Provide over 10 different templates to help you successfully write about your products without needing a copywriter
  • Understand what beauty-enthusiasts commonly look for when shopping for beauty, hair, and skincare products
  • Breakdown the copy of other successful beauty brands and turn it into an easy formula/template to follow
  • Offer over 40 pages of resources and so you can write products without a problem, without recycling through the same 5 words


This is for you if:

  • You sell hair, hair care products, beauty products, and skincare products
  • Despise writing about your product or have a hard time knowing what to say
  • You can only describe your product in 5 words or less
  • You love to follow easy steps that break down how to achieve desired results
  • You can benefit from using the same templates big beauty brands are using to write about their products
  • You knew from the third bullet point you needed this

If you’re ready to see a transformation in your product descriptions on Instagram, for your website, and anywhere else you talk about it – add to cart, and make this interactive workbook the next best reason to stay home.

Customer Reviews

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Simone Smith
So helpful!

Loving this! Really improving my product descriptions with her formulas. A must recommend for the entrepreneur with a product based business!

Power your Instagram

Shan, I am so Thankful to had come across your page! It was so much valuable information in this course. Money well spent. So many gems was given out, I loved every bit of it. I had to double back and go grab the Words that make you feel & Ultimate guide to understanding/Using instagram. Put me in my thinking/creativity mode. Can’t wait to put all this goodness to use. Will be purchasing the CapShan Glossary soon. Definitely a 10/10!

Tavia L.
Great Book

Love this Book! Very helpful

Rene M.
A Must Read!

Anything Shan puts out buy it!! She really knows what she’s talking about! If you’re having trouble w/ your copy but this book now!!! I promise after you read it you’ll be spitting out copy like never before ☺️

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