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This is a safe space to admit you hate writing captions 'cause it takes too long and you have more important things to do...

Like respond to a pressing email, eat your delivered lunch or take a mid-day nap lol... 

Truth is, it doesn't really matter what's on your plate.

We both know that you rather not spend 30 minutes writing a caption that brings in zero engagement.

And chances are you also don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on a copywriter to write your captions...

So what's a conflicted small business owner to do?


Social CapShans increase your conversions while decreasing your workload.

If you're tired of wearing all the hats in your business and want to outsource your Instagram captions to a copywriter (without the hefty price tag), let me step in.

Please handle my captions!

Social CapShans puts the social back in SOCIAL media
(and gets your followers to RESPOND and take ACTION)!

If you're anything like the dozens of business owners I work with, I'm willing to bet you don't actually have an issue writing your captions. 

Sure, you may not like to do it. But for the most part, you can.

The real problem occurs when no one responds, clicks, or even double-taps.

Now your mind's playing all these ruthless tricks.

Got you wondering...

"Am I shadowbanned?"

"Is my post showing to my followers?"

"Do I even have the right followers?

Calm down, boo.

I've some good news for you.

Your audience sees your caption...

Now brace yourself for the bad news.

Your audience sees your caption but they're not compelled to take any action.

With so much competition on Instagram, it’s getting increasingly harder to hold the attention of an audience, let alone get them to respond.

In today’s world of short-form videos, fleeting trends, and an ever-changing digital space, you’re going to have to do A LOT better than “Good Morning” or “Happy Friday” if you want some real ACTION.

That’s why I created Social CapShans.

Think of it as your personal cheatsheet to building a powerful, intentional brand using your words on social media.

So if you're ready for an explosion of comments, connections and conversions, keep reading.

Hi, I'm Shan! (Get it? CapShan) and I hate to toot my own horn but...

to show why Social CapShans are different than your average pre-written captions, I have to brag.

I've written more than 1,000 captions and over 200,000 words for MYSELF, plus hundreds of captions for other business owners.

With a lot of trial, error and now a rinse and repeat strategy, I know exactly what to say and what not to say to connect with an audience and convert them.

Wanna know how this works?

Social CapShans are divided into goals that function to generate more comments, connections, or clicks.

Yet the CapShans also consider the emotions of your followers and aim to humanize your brand, regardless of whether you're selling a product or service.

This means you’re getting captions for persuasion (to increase conversions) and also with personality (to strengthen and build relationships)! 

You love your brand. Your audience should, too.

Social CapShans is the result of everything I've learned and implemented from writing persuasive sales copy for multi-million dollar companies, small online businesses, and growing my own company and community to 25,000+ on Instagram.

Here’s the sum of my lessons: Words are meant to tell a story and build a connection.

Somewhere along the way, we’ve lost the social in social media and things have begun to feel like sales media.

Many businesses fall victim to only trying to sell and get their followers to click a link in the bio.

But you can stand out from the crowd of sales-pushers and use your copy to build relationships that grow into a ready-to-buy-whatever-you’re-selling audience. 






This membership is for you if...

  • You would like to outsource your captions to a professional copywriting (but the cost is out of your budget)
  • You want to connect with your audience in a way that's more social and not always sales-y
  • You often get stuck knowing what to write in your captions
  • You know who your audience is and why they should buy from you but have a hard time communicating with them
  • 30 captions every single month is a no brainer and you're ready to take advantage of having Social CapShans with personality and persuasion

This membership is not for you if...

  • You aren't able to fill in the blanks about what you do and why you do it
  • You don't know who your target audience is 
  • You enjoy writing your captions and want to continue writing them without assistance.

What my business sisters said after using social capshans

Jance Chartae

Boutique Coach and Owner

These pre-written captions will work for you no matter what you sell IF you’re clear about what you sell and IF you’re clear about who you’re selling it to. Those are literally the only parts you would need to fill in. If you’re unclear about those two elements, you might struggle to fill the blanks and it won’t be Shan’s fault if you’re content/captions don’t seem to be working. Shan has done an AMAZING job writing these captions but you still have to fill in the important parts as the brand owner. 💕

Sarah Kornblum

Web Designer

They’re the only things I use anymore! They’re so versatile, they can be used in every situation with a few tweaks. 

Royal Nise

Skincare Brand Owner

Shan is the TRUTH!!! I used one of the free caption templates and got a sale on my slowest day of the week!!!! Getting sales Thursday-Sunday has been my weekly normal. But getting a sale on a Tuesday!!!!, that’s new for me. Now just wait until I start using these captions everyday of the week….. The price just went up!😂And I used special discount code in the caption so I could track which orders came from which post. It really works. Shan knows what she’s doing.💪🏽


Custom print accessories

I struggled really bad with my captions. This go to guide is legit the best. My post are looking more professional, and I'm pulling more engagement. FINALLY an actual guide as opposed to hints here and there that leave you confused. I'm definitely riding with my girl SHAN!!!

Shay Singleton

Business Owner

It honestly helped me generate so many captions that I used for ads, and my email sequence. it also made me come up with some of my own. 10/10!!

Gemai Nettles

Business Owner

This mini CapShan glossary was so enticing, I had to get the big one!! Sometimes I don’t know the words to say and Shan takes the load right off my shoulders with this GEM right here! Saves me so much time. Your brand voice+CapShan Glossary= GOLD. If you haven’t gotten, honey you are missing out!!

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Looking for a way to connect but don't know what to say? Try one of the connection prompts. There's an example below and a screen grab to show you how a web designer was able to remix it to with no problem!

Warning: If you didn’t grow up on 90s and early 2000s R&B, skip this post.

[Season] is here and we’re adding songs to our [packaging/strategy/marketing/whipping] playlist. (This is the playlist we listen to when we [do this activity])

We need some more song recommendations to get us through.

We currently have
Song 1
Song 2
Song 3
Everything from artist 4

What are we missing?


Need a new way to say shop now? Try tapping into a pain point and then painting your product or service as the solution. That's what the prompt below did, and check the screen grab to see how a clothing boutique used it.

Some days you really don’t feel like [doing this activity]. For the [busy/tired/exhausted/uninspired/overworked] [women/college kid/person/ fashionista] who just doesn’t have time, try our [product name].

Short and sweet

Every caption doesn't have to be an extremely long one. That's why I include short and sweet captions for when there's more to look at then say! Take a look at the prompt below, and how a custom t-shirt usiness was able to customize it!

You’re either going to love [product] or love it so much you tell all your friends. Those are the only two options you have. And with reviews like these, it’s not hard to see why! *show reviews*

Monthly Capshan categories

Connection Prompts

Build an unshakeable bond with your audience. Connection prompts are for you to learn more about your followers, tell more about yourself or business, and find similarities to deepen connections. 

Promotion Prompts

Whip these persuasive prompts outwhen you have a service or product to sell. Get ready to hook your audience in by describing the benefits of your offer so it's a no-brainer to click that link in your bio!

Education Prompts

An informed follower makes the best buyer!Education prompts reinforces you as the expert. Help your audience understand what you do, how you do it, and what all that it takes for you to make your service or product a reality.

Short and sweet Prompts

Short and sweet captions deliver your message quickly(for those who are already familiar with you and just need a little nudge to take some action). But don't worry, they are just as effective as longer captions.

Seasonal Prompts

You'll find a collection of seasonal prompts during popular holiday seasonssuch as Black Friday, Christmas, and Valentine's Day. 

Engagement Prompts

What good is social media if you're not being social? Use your engagement prompts to strike up both light-hearted and thoughtful conversations with your audience!




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The caption prompts can be used BY ANY BUSINESS. The only people this won't work for are those who aren't sure their target audience or what makes their business (products/service) superior.

Still questioning if these prompts could work for you? Try the free samples above.

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Pay $24 monthly. Cancel anytime.

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