Hitting Your Target: Target Audience Workbook

Quit guessing who’s in your audience and figure it out for good!


This interactive workbook teaches you how to define your audience, where to find them, and how to target them.

Learn how to use data to get the right information, and how to use your product to determine the audience perfect for what you sell!

It’s not ONLY about their sex, age, and salary. You have to consider the market that you’re in, your price point, and the superpower of what YOU have to offer somebody.

If you feel like no one pays attention to what you post…

Or you’re having a hard figuring out how to create content to attract an audience — grab this guide NOW!

It’s the ultimate tool to help you nail down once and for all who you’re for, AND who you’re not for.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Desiree Pennington
Great Investment

I finally caved and got the Target Audience Workbook after weeks of debating whether it was worth the investment. It was! I’m a serial crafter and have sold (or tried to sell) almost everything with no real direction. I feel like now I know who I want to serve and I’m pivoting with my brand to get there. This was great. I plan on purchasing more.

Jordashia Watson

I'm honestly so amazed at how simple yet powerful this workbook was. It truly gives you what you need and is so easy to understand. I wish I had this information in the beginning, but I'm glad I have it now! If you're struggling, purchase this. It's a gem!

Na'Kole Watson
It was just what I needed!

I’m not new to the world of online business, but the perspective Shan offers is so valuable! She totally helped me to see my products/services in a different light and showed me that I was doing a lot of stuff backwards. I highly recommend this target audience workbook! 💜

Gordon Swan

This gave me what I needed to help organize my thoughts. Before using the guide, I had a vague idea of who my ideal customer was...but now I am able to get specific. Because of this, I can think of more content ideas that resonate with my audience. This book helped me cut down on the time spent making content as well. I also enjoyed the simple layout and relatable style!

An essential business resource!

Hitting Your Target helped me to gain the clarity I needed to really niche down and figure out who I was talking to. Not just moms, but a specific type of mom. I was struggling with Instagram but once I really took the time to sit down and dig deeper, everything started to make sense. You cannot create content if you do not know who you’re talking to. With my target audience defined I know that I will be able to launch a business that is bigger than anything I could envision. It started with your workbook and for that I am forever thankful. ❤️