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Reusable Content Calendar

Consistent content to keep you on their minds consistently!


  • Over 30+ content ideas with strategic goals for engagement, connection, and growth. [Must have Gmail account]
  • 30+ story prompt topics
  • 30 Canva-customizable engagement templates
  • 10 strategic DM prompts
  • 20 call to actions
  • 6-month holiday calendar
  • 3 Welcome Email copy templates

It's safe to say this reusable content calendar just became your business bestie!



Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Evelyne TANO
Not your typical content calendar!

I have to say I was initially overwhelmed by how much information was included in this! But once I sat down and dissected each part, I was able to plan my content for the whole month!!! It was absolutely worth it!

Stephanie Ford
The G.O.A.T

Shan has a way of writing that captivates your audience. If you are struggling with copy ideas, this calendar is everything. You need this!

You should've brought this a month ago.

I'm one of those business owners who try a bit of everything and end up wasting money on ebooks and courses that simply don't work or is junk. I came back and forth to this site for a month or two before I actually purchased and boy do I regret it. If you're like me and have ran out of quality content to post, GET THIS NOW. I try to batch content once a month and this is perfect for that. Shan provides more than just filler content that you post just to be consistent. It allows you to create days of QUALITY content. I should've brought the bundle!

Feeling Confident

I am so happy with this calendar I was waiting for the updated edition to help keep me on track with my audience with correct content for my growth goals Thanks Shan!

Joyelle Williams
Reusable content calendar

This is amazing! I got so many new ideas from this calendar!

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