Ultimate Guide to Understanding and Using Hashtags

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Never Stress About Your Hashtags Again!


I'm teaching you the strategy for choosing hashtags to gain greater exposure. You will learn the basics and importance of hashtags, how to use, how to avoid being banned which can ruin your impressions, how to build a solid hashtag strategy using the step method, and so much more.


No more wondering, "which hashtag should I use?

Customer Reviews

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Lakeisha Starks
Shan is DOPE!

Is it weird to say...? I LOVE YOUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!! SHAN!!!!!!!!!!! I have been trying to figure out this whole marketing thing period!!!!!!!! I have purchased the capshan guide, Ultimate hashtag guide, and the FULL Capshan glossary, I'm currently working all of those methods, I have already SEEN results with me just playing around. Once fully applied, I will write another review because YOU saved me, and I knew you would have what I needed because your page for 1 and eye catching capshannnnssss, and strategy is what got me to purchase. I have been following you for over 2 years now, and I love it.

Ken Collins
Amazing Refresher for me

This was worth it x10. Truly great info. Im in the marketing field but hashtags aren’t my area of expertise. Shan really delivered some amazing, easily applicable info.

Jontelle Reeder
Ultimate hashtag guide

This is the most thorough hashtag ebook I have read. It was definitely worth the money she broke everything down step by step to make sure you understand everything there is to know about why using hashtag are important.

Ashley Askew-Bell
Shan is the MF Truth!

So I’ve been following Shan for a few months and was skeptical about purchasing more marketing stuff but this hashtag guide exceeded my expectations. First of all it was long as hell...like a textbook not a flimsy 5 page book about the same ol same ol.

Sis also talked my language..broke stuff down with examples I could relate to. I’ve been using her tips for about a week and have already seen growth. Unless it’s a trending topic I don’t get any engagement from hashtags which has changed since using the guide.

A must have for business struggling with hashtags or just need to grow more. 🥰

This guide was perfect for me

I’ve struggled for a while with getting the right hashtags. I always create content that resonates with my audience but I was really having a hard time with generating more traction with hashtags. The way Shan broke this entire thing down was easy to implement and worked right away. There was no space for fluff or BS and the guide was right to the point. Highly recommend.