Words That Make Them Feel: Fashion Edition

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It takes a lot to sell clothes online..

You need the right model and the perfect backdrop. You want a flawless edit and studio lighting. However, when it comes time to write about your product and sell it with words, you find yourself stuck, unmotivated, or just drained.

No longer. As a copywriter, it is my job to understand the connection words have with consumers. I have studied the English language and how top retailers take advantage of words to sell.

With my guide, you will no longer find yourself struggling with captions, product descriptions, emails, or ads. This guide is for you if you need help understanding how to use words and the power of copywriting to sell your clothes.

*Will not cover children’s clothing

* Guide does not contain pre-written or done-for-you captions, emails, or ads

*Best for activewear, plus size, loungewear, casual wear, and night clothes

* Not for sunglasses, shoes, or accessories